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Woocommerce: Show attributes on single product page

David Nash woocommerce, wordpress 4 Comments

I’ve been working on a large Woocommerce site recently. Woocommerce gets updated regularly and unfortunately the documentation doesn’t always cover the new features.

Generally when I come across a new problem I ask Google. It’s easier to adapt code than it is to write it from scratch. To be honest, I find the attribute system a little confusing. I came across this Stack Overflow article, which helped. Then I realised there was a much easier way.

Step 1 – Create a Woocommerce action

Edit functions.php in your child theme. Add the following:

Reload the page for a product. You should now see the table of attributes.

Step 2 – Customise the output (optional)

The design I was working with showed the attributes in columns, not rows. I wanted the attribute name above each value. The Woocommerce template uses a table, which means I needed to edit the output.

If you haven’t already, create the directories woocommerce/single-product in your child theme. Copy the file product-attributes.php from the templates/single-product directory in the Woocommerce plugin. You can now edit this file to control the output.

Here’s the code that I used:

If you compare this to the original you can see I’ve removed the code for displaying weight and dimensions and made some other simplifications.

That’s it – now you’re good to go!

Did this post help you out, or just confuse you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great post!

    Is there a way to modify the display order of the attribute labels (att_label)? I have Googled it thoroughly but I can only find methods to sort the attribute values (att_value) when there are multiple values.

    1. Post

      I’m not sure – try creating an intermediate array that contains all your att_labels and att_values. Sort that array by att_label, and then once it’s sorted, loop through it again to display it.

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