Linux for WordPress Developers – Part 1

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I’ve used Linux for years, and I think it’s perfect for any WordPress developer. When the site is live, chances are it’ll be running on a Linux server. So it makes sense to do your WordPress development on the same system that will be running your finished site. Not only does it cut down on nasty last-minute surprises, it also means that when those surprises do arise, you’ll know what to do when they do occur. I’ve run Ubuntu for a while and think it’s pretty good. I use it for the same reason I develop with WordPress – Ubuntu has …

Batch reduce resolution of images in Ubuntu Linux

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Open a terminal window or shell (who needs a GUI!?) sudo apt-get install imagemagick cd image_folder mkdir resized for f in *jpg do convert -resize 30% $f resized/$f done Easier than Photoshop, I reckon! I needed this today for some photos I was uploading. Photos from recent cameras are huge and Australian bandwidth doesn’t cut it. So this really helps. Obviously you only need to do the first line once. I found this in the Ubuntu forums but it took me a while to find the right combination of keywords in Google. View the original thread. I needed to change …

Fixing Windows File Permissions in Linux

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Find all files (not directories) and remove the eXecutable bit. I don’t know what the characters on the end do: find . -type f -exec chmod a-x {} \; Make all directories executable to user, read/writable to groups others (good for when the web server is in ‘others’): find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; Make all files read/write/executable for user, readable for the group and others: find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;