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It’s been a long time between posts, mainly because I’ve been so busy. Lately I’ve been working with Symphony CMS. Which means I’ve been writing templates using XSLT, which I think is excellent for writing templates. My XML skills have really advanced over the last 6 months. Using XSLT you can transform one bit of XML into another bit of XML. And because XHTML is XML, it means that I can transfer the XML data output from my Symphony data sources to XHTML.

The documentation that does exist for Symphony is quite good, but there seems to be a lot that simply isn’t there. Hopefully that will improve in the future.

I’ve already used Symphony on a couple of projects. It’s a CMS that looks after the developer as much as (perhaps more than) the content author. The learning curve for the developer is pretty steep but once I got over it, it’s been very smooth sailing. If it’s possible to sail down a curve.

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