Pixel Perfect Firefox Extension

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When I write HTML and CSS I’ll usually create a mockup – I take a high quality JPG of the design and put it into a very simple page that shows the JPG, centered on the screen. Then in Firefox I switch back and forth between the page I’m working on and the mockup so that I can get the design pixel-perfect.

Well today all that will change. I’ve discovered the Pixel Perfect Firefox Extension which allows me to overlay the mockup over what I’m designing.  You can set the opacity and quickly toggle the overlay on and off.

I’m not sure about centering – it doesn’t seem to do that automatically. But I think I could use the MeasureIt extension to get the width of the main column, set it in CSS with ‘margin: 0 auto’ to centre it, and then drag the overlay to match and base everything off that.

My job just got slightly easier again.


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