How to make WordPress more like a CMS

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WordPress is wonderful for its core functionality – blogging. And it’s pretty good for other stuff too, but sometimes it takes a little shoe-horning to get it working like a real CMS.

I recently used the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and it’s excellent.

As a developer I can set up fields that only apply to specific pages, and then use those fields in the themes I develop. My clients then have a simple, easy to use interface for entering single lines of text, or selecting images, or… basically anything you can think of.

To make it really powerful, you need to purchase the “Repeater” field. This allows you to create lists, or lists of lists… of any fields you like It’s $25AUD but well worth it, as it’s multi-site so you really only need to purchase it once.

The value for the end result plus ease of use is simply amazing.

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