Finding beautiful images for your WordPress posts

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Humans are visual creatures. If there’s a nice image to go along with your words, people are more likely to read them. We can look at an image and very quickly judge whether the article is worth reading.

However there’s a problem – copyright. Photographers work hard to create their images and most would like income for them, and get understandably upset when you download them and use them on your post without crediting them.

Fortunately there are some photographers who aren’t in it purely for the money. They’ll allow you to use their images as a way of getting publicity. And publicity is very important on the web – it’s an essentially infinite store of information. It would take far longer than one human life to view all the images on the web (and that person would probably be very, very disturbed).

For example, every 60 seconds there are 300 hours worth of videos uploaded to youtube. Can you imagine how many images there are on the web? I can’t!

So how does one find images – good ones – that are free to use, or that you can use with attribution?

Sometimes you’ll need to use a few sources to find an appropriate, high quality image.

I started using – there are some good images there, but most of them look a little amateur (sorry!)

You could try Google Image search – click the “Search tools” button, then change “Not filtered by license” to “Labelled for non-commercial use” – but I’ve read that the labels aren’t always correct. is something I just came across and looks pretty good.

My overall favourite is, with the license set to “Commercial use allowed”.

The to use the image, make sure you credit the author, like this:

[Image: Yoshikazu TAKADA]

Note: If I’ve used an image on my site and haven’t attributed you properly or have misattributed the image, please let me know!

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