Distraction free writing mode and proof reading in WordPress

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These are two features that I love, and I think WordPress is much better because of them.

Distraction free writing

This hides everything except the title field and the content box. It really makes a difference – WordPress feels much more like a word processor. When you move your mouse out of the content box, all the options appear again.

To enable it, click screen options in the top left:


Then click this button at the top left of the content editor:


The menus and other items fade out, and you’re left with a clean, open environment ready to be filled with your imagination… or whatever.


I really love this one. It picks up at least a couple of errors on every post I write, and I think it’s helping me to be a better writer. It’ll alert you if the passive voice is used you’re writing in the passive voice, you’re using jargon, complex phrases, fix spelling errors, and lots more.



To try it out, visit http://www.polishmywriting.com/ – this site uses “After the Deadline”, the same engine used by WordPress.

To enable it, install the WordPress Jetpack plugin, then in wp-admin click Users -> Your Profile.

Now when you click “Publish” or update a post, it’ll check what you’ve written.


The Proofreading plugin makes both writing and reading easier. I really recommend it.

For more info, check out https://en.support.wordpress.com/proofreading/.

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