Show Child pages in a Silverstripe template

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This allows you to create infinitely deep Silverstripe page hierarchies without having to mess around too much with navigation. Simple and effective. <% include Nav %> <div id=”Content”> <h1>$Title</h1> $Content $Form <% if Children %> <ul style=”padding-top: 1em”> <% control Children %> <li><a href=$Link>$MenuTitle </a></li> <% end_control %> </ul> <% end_if %> </div><!–Content–>

Dynamic Font/Image Replacement in Silverstripe

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I’ve recently started creating sites with SilverStripe CMS, and I’m loving it. My client wants nicely rendered non-standard font titles that fade in and out, without using javascript. Here’s how I’m going to accomplish it: In Silverstripe’s mysite/code/Page.php I overload the onBeforeWrite() call in my Page class. This intercepts the data before it is written to the database. I can get the title of the updated page from $this->Title I will then use PHP’s GD (graphics) library to create a PNG with a transparent background. I’ll use imagettftext() to load a font from a TTF file and write it to …