Distraction free writing mode and proof reading in WordPress

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These are two features that I love, and I think WordPress is much better because of them. Distraction free writing This hides everything except the title field and the content box. It really makes a difference – WordPress feels much more like a word processor. When you move your mouse out of the content box, all the options appear again. To enable it, click screen options in the top left: Then click this button at the top left of the content editor: The menus and other items fade out, and you’re left with a clean, open environment ready to be …

Caffeine and Code: Not always the best combination

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I have a secret: I don’t drink caffeine at all. It’s been about a year now and I don’t think I’ll go back. I know: coders and caffeine go together like two sequential elements in an array. Every programmer I know drinks coffee, and a lot of it. I was the same. A cup in the morning and a cup just after lunch. Sometimes more. I’d always done it. I needed it, but I was never really sure if it was actually helping. Sure, it would take away the exhausted feeling for an hour, but it would come back even …

Symphony CMS “No suitable XSLT processor was found” under Ubuntu

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I came across this and there were no Google matches, which I thought was strange. So if you’ve installed Symphony CMS under Ubuntu (I have 10.04, Lucid Lynx) and get the message “no suitable XSLT processor was found”, it means that you need to install the package “php5-xsl”. I like GUIs so I used Synaptic, but I’m sure you could also do something like “sudo apt-get install php5-xsl”. Then restart Apache with “sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload” to load the XSLT module.


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It’s been a long time between posts, mainly because I’ve been so busy. Lately I’ve been working with Symphony CMS. Which means I’ve been writing templates using XSLT, which I think is excellent for writing templates. My XML skills have really advanced over the last 6 months. Using XSLT you can transform one bit of XML into another bit of XML. And because XHTML is XML, it means that I can transfer the XML data output from my Symphony data sources to XHTML. The documentation that does exist for Symphony is quite good, but there seems to be a lot …

“Mad Libs” Style Form Increases Conversion 25-40%

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I don’t usually like to re-blog – I prefer original content and a list of links. But I’m making an exception for this – firstly, it’s really cool, and secondly, I’ve been too busy to post anything for a while. http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?1007 Ron and his team ran some A/B testing online that compared a traditional Web form layout with a narrative “Mad Libs” format. In Vast.com’s testing, Mad Libs style forms increased conversion across the board by 25-40%. I think forms are a crucial part of any website. The web is mostly one-way, and only via forms can you get feedback. …

Reset Silverstripe admin password

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It seems like every time I deploy a Silverstripe site I either lose the admin password, or it changes somehow. Then I have to search for ‘lost silverstripe password’ or something to work out how to reset it. This is basically for my own reference: 1. edit /mysite/_config.php 2. add Security::setDefaultAdmin(‘admin’,’password’); to the bottom 3. profit!

Quickly replace the header image in the default WordPress 2.7 Kubrick theme

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I was asked to do some quick mods to client’s WordPress blog. He wanted to replace the banner image. He’s using WordPress 2.7 and has the default Kubrick theme. This isn’t as easy as you would think as it’s generated by PHP so that the colours can be dynamically set. Here’s what I did: Download wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpg Modify it, save and upload as wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader_NEW.jpg Edit wp-content/themes/default/header.php. On line 42 you should see <div id=”headerimg”> Modify this so it reads: <div id=”headerimg” style=”background: url(<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/kubrickheader_NEW.jpg) no-repeat -1px 0″> Upload header.php and it should now be using your new header. I used …


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Welcome to my new site. I plan to post things here about the things that I’m doing, along with tips for other web developers. I’m not worried about sharing my knowledge – it’s all available on the internet anyway. Why not have it all in one place? It’ll be like my own personal notebook – one that everyone can take advantage of. I feel all warm and fuzzy.