Finding beautiful images for your WordPress posts

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Humans are visual creatures. If there’s a nice image to go along with your words, people are more likely to read them. We can look at an image and very quickly judge whether the article is worth reading. However there’s a problem – copyright. Photographers work hard to create their images and most would like income for them, and get understandably upset when you download them and use them on your post without crediting them. Fortunately there are some photographers who aren’t in it purely for the money. They’ll allow you to use their images as a way of getting publicity. …

Distraction free writing mode and proof reading in WordPress

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These are two features that I love, and I think WordPress is much better because of them. Distraction free writing This hides everything except the title field and the content box. It really makes a difference – WordPress feels much more like a word processor. When you move your mouse out of the content box, all the options appear again. To enable it, click screen options in the top left: Then click this button at the top left of the content editor: The menus and other items fade out, and you’re left with a clean, open environment ready to be …

Why WordPress sucks

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Why would I say such a thing? I’m a WordPress developer! Here’s the thing: I’m a realistic WordPress developer. I think it’s more important to know the things that are wrong with something you love so that you can work around with them. When I say WordPress sucks, what I really mean is that it’s the best, but nothing is perfect. It’s not a real CMS It’s really good for creating post and page content. But if the site you’re creating needs a gallery of team members, each with a bio, and displayed in various ways around the site, it’s a pain. You’d need …

Five confusing things about WordPress terminology

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1. WordPress Designer vs WordPress Developer A designer generally creates how the site looks, a developer takes the design and turns it into the final website. There’s overlap – many designers can write code, and many developers can design. It’s very rare to find someone who’s good at both. I’m good at taking an existing design and extending it, but it takes me a lot of time to come up with an original design from scratch. 2. Pages vs Posts Pages are what make up the core of your site – the front page, the about page, the contact page for …

Why you should use WordPress for your business (or your Justin Bieber blog)

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The answer to this is also the answer to why I am a WordPress developer. And the most important answer is either genius or idiotic: market share. W3Tech collects statistics on CMS market share. According to W3Tech WordPress currently has 58.6% of the market share of CMSs. The next most popular CMS is Joomla, at 6.6%. It only goes lower from there. also has some nice graphs. And some astounding figures – 409 million people view more than 20.4 billion pages… EACH MONTH. Why is market share important? Because WordPress is an open-source technology, anyone can view the code and anyone can contribute. …

Website refresh

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Yes, it was well overdue. I got so busy with work that I started to forget about my own site, which I put together pretty quickly in the first place. I finally found the time and energy to revamp it. Now that it’s here, I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. I couldn’t be more pleased. I feel like I finally have a site that not only presents me well, but is also a good demonstration of how my skills as a humble Sydney WordPress developer have progressed. One thing is missing though – updated content for my badly neglected …

Generate WordPress Shortcodes

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I just discovered this and will definitely be using it as a way to make content editing a little easier for clients: Generate WordPress Shortcode Fill out the fields and it generates PHP that you can paste into your theme’s functions.php file. It then gives a WordPress author an easy way to add special code to the content – on the current project I’m using it to make it easy to insert a variety of download links with different icons into the content using just a shortcode.

WordPress search form snippet

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This is code to use for a search form, for example in the header area of a WordPress theme. It retains the previous search query in the text field.

How to create a select element option (drop-down) menu in the WordPress Theme Customizer

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I’m working on a project that requires the same basic theme for two companies that are both under the same group. The only real difference is the logo and theme colours. Instead of creating two separate themes and having to maintain them separately I used WordPress “customize_register” action in the theme’s functions.php. The official docs are here and very long and confusing. WordPress provides some basic types like a text field, image upload and colour picker, but no select menu: Here’s the code I’m using to create a select element with two options (in the theme’s functions.php file): …

How to make WordPress more like a CMS

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WordPress is wonderful for its core functionality – blogging. And it’s pretty good for other stuff too, but sometimes it takes a little shoe-horning to get it working like a real CMS. I recently used the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and it’s excellent. As a developer I can set up fields that only apply to specific pages, and then use those fields in the themes I develop. My clients then have a simple, easy to use interface for entering single lines of text, or selecting images, or… basically anything you can think of. To make it really powerful, you need …